quarta-feira, 11 de setembro de 2013

Lot 04 batmobiles SHELL BRAZIL: Classic 1966 TV series - Forever - Returns - The Dark Knight tumbler

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MAKE THE HIGHEST BID AND HAVE THIS COLLECTION Shell Gas Stations in Brazil make this promotion so you can have  this collection forever.

Note: SHELL promotion has ended February 2013

  Approximate size 4.72 "(12cm)

 Lot of 4 Batmobiles plastic toys 
     Promotional Item Shell Brazil Gas Station
  1-Batman 1960'S Classic Batmobile (Pullback with LED lights)

  1-Batman Returns 1992 Batmobile (Pullback With pop-out BATMISSLE)

  1-Batman Forever 1997 Batmobile (Pullback with LED lights)

  1-Batman The Dark Knight 2005 Batmobile (Pullback that jumps)


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  1. Hey nice stuff! I'm a big Batman Fan and I'm loving your blog. You can check mine http://batmanxtra.blogspot.com. Keep up the good stuf!

    1. hi, you're very welcome :) i have many batman's itens, exclusive Brazil.. some are for sale, others for my own collection